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All these photos were taken in mid November and show you more of the fine beaches, harbour, old town and residential areas. Calpe combines quiet residential streets with private villas and beachfront and town centre apartments. Click on the link if you want to see a specific urbanization.

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A view of Arenal beach and the Peñon de Ifach from La Manzanera. Calpe port is at the far end under the Rock and the old town is out of the picture off to the left. The Peñon de Ifach (Calpe Rock) is an unmistakable landmark rising to a height of 322 metres out of the sea and is regarded as the symbol of the Costa Blanca. It is now a nature reserve and a protected nesting site for different species of Mediterranean seagulls with a scenic path leading to the summit. The photo was taken from the La Manzanera urbanization.  enlarge

Arenal beach is a fine sand beach with a promenade that runs from Calpe centre to the port and Peñon de Ifach (video of Calpe Arenal Poniente beach). The Avenida de Europa is parallel to the beach and is the focal point of Calpe's new high quality property development with wide streets and tree lined pavements that extend behind the port to the Salinas salt lake and Levante beach. The promenade takes you passed the "Baños de la Reina" historic site with the adjoining remains of Roman villas and is a popular place for an evening stroll or "paseo". enlarge

This is a photo of Arenal beach looking the other way towards the Punto de Toix with the well situated properties of the Maryvilla urbanization being visible in the background. The  La Manzanera urbanization in the foreground. Calpe beaches are all "Blue Flag" with the  Blue Flag grading being introduced in the 1987 European Environmental Year and  awarded annually by the European Federation of Environmental Education to beaches in excellent condition and with full services. It is possible to walk around the base of the cliffs on a pebble beach to Puerto Blanco harbour. enlarge

Calpe has grown out of a traditional Mediterranean fishing village and Calpe port is still an active part of local life. The boats go out each night with the catch being sold at a Dutch style auction to supply Calpe's many speciality restaurants (168 at the last count). Calpe fishing boats and fish auction video. Tourist boats are moored beside the fishing boats and provide mini-cruises along the Costa Blanca coastline and undersea viewing excursions. These are the yellow boats. The apartment properties in the photo are situated at the end of Avenida Europa and are for the most part new high quality developments. enlarge

Calpe harbour yacht quays with the yacht club with bar and restaurant in the background. Berths are a maximum 5 meters. If you want to follow the nature trail to the top of the Peñon it starts on the road above the port and if you prefer to stay at sea level an impressive new promenade runs along the western edge of the Peñon de Ifach. Access is from the road behind the yacht club (shown in the photo) with gardens featuring typical Mediterranean plants and shrubs. After a walk here you could stop for a drink on the yacht club terrace. It's open to the public.  enlarge

The Peñon de Ifach with the Belliure yacht yards. Belliure construct luxury yachts that are sold throughout Europe and have their installations at the far end of Calpe harbour beside the yacht club and Peñon promenade. Calpe harbour has complete yacht maintenance and repair facilities and also a valet service to prepare yachts for their owners visits. The yacht club includes an active sailing school with regular children's regattas in Optimist dinghys. enlarge

Calpe has every size of fishing boat. They go out in the evening and are back about 5.00am bringing in a catch of Merluza (a bit like Cod), Dorada (Sea Bass), Pescadilla, Salmonetes, Emperador, Sardinas and other Mediterranean varieties. These are sorted on board into iced boxes for auction and delivered to the "Lonja" for sale. Boats now come with sonar and are having their fishing days restricted by the E.E.C. to protect fish stocks. The Spanish government and the municipalities subsidize the fishermen as being part of the traditional Mediterranean life. enlarge

Fishing nets laid out to be repaired. Calpe is a nice mixture of the old and the modern with the town hall welcoming residents and visitors but keeping traditions alive such as the Fiesta days in honour of the local saints and the "Moors and Christians" celebrations at the end of October.  enlarge

Restaurante Baydal. Calpe's original and very popular fish restaurant serving the complete range of fish and seafood dishes. The traditional mid day choice is of course Paella, that can be Mixta with seafood, chicken and peppers etc. or Marinera with just seafood. Either way it's a delicious dish to enjoy with a bottle of wine or jug of Sangria. Popular alternatives are Calamares (octopus) either "A la Romana" (rings fried in batter) or in a garlic sauce, or straight forward fried Sardinas with bread, olive oil and an "Ensalada Valenciana". enlarge

The famous line of fish restaurants in Calpe harbour (Calpe port restaurants video). They serve fish straight from the boats and offer free Sangria to passers by. The fish and seafood dishes on offer are presented in iced street front cabinets showing the price of each, and you are invited to order right there while you drink your sangria. The area is packed in summer with Calpe residents and visitors from throughout the Costa Blanca. enlarge

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