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Selling your home is a Joint Project

We present your Costa Blanca villa or apartment to the widest international audience through our six foreign language websites to give it the best possible chance of sale.

However, the property will need to look it's best, and we still need the homeowner's help in ensuring a good presentation. A prospective Costa Blanca buyer will have seen a number of similar properties before reaching a decision, and your own will need to compare favourably on presentation and price to sell.

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The following three points will help any property to sell quicker at the best possible price:

1) Aim to present an Airy Bright, Spacious and Well Kept Property

A villa or apartment presented in this way quickly attracts a buyer and stands a good chance of arriving on their short list. First impressions are very important as foreign buyers are often on a brief Costa Blanca visit and have to cover a lot of ground in a few days.

How do I prepare my property?

2) Find your home's True Market Price ( not what you would like or what you need! )

The Nº1 reason that your property will not sell is that you have set the price far above what similar homes are selling for in the same area.

However much you have invested in a new air conditioning system or new kitchen cupboards, the price of your 3 bedroom villa is still closely linked to the price of other 3 bedroom villas in your area.

3) Expect to Negotiate with Buyers. It's part of the process.

You may never bargain on prices and hate the idea of doing it, but if you reject an offer with a "Go away and don't waste my time", you may be losing a very qualified buyer. Most buyers make offers and will often expect a counter offer.

At least the buyer has been impressed enough by your property to make an offer, and the correct thing to do is to accept or respond with a counter-offer. This may take some time, but it greatly increases your chances of a sale when something can be given to the buyer on the price.