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Find your home's True Market Price ( not what you would like or what you need! )

The Nº1 reason that your property will not sell is that you have set the price above what similar homes are selling for in the same area.

However much you have invested in a new air conditioning system or new kitchen cupboards, the price of your 3 bedroom villa is still closely linked to the price of other 3 bedroom villas in your area.
As a guide, we use Comparable Market Analysis to compare the list price and final selling price of similar properties. Comparisons in terms of age, size and number of rooms are your guide to the market price for your home. The similar properties that have been sold can be walked by to compare size and condition to your own. You can then set your price higher or lower based on your observations.

Selling property on the Costa Blanca: Other considerations:

  • Time of Year: Viewings take place all year with less visits in December and January.
  • Selling and Renting your home: It is very difficult to sell a property that is occupied by long term or holiday renters. Most rental agencies do not accept viewings, and should it be possible, it is very likely that you property will not be seen at it's best. It's far better to commit to one or the other, but not both.
  • The Net Selling Price: The buyer will pay the purchase costs such as I.T.P. tax and notary fees, but the "Net Selling Price" will still leave the seller to pay Plus Valia. This is usually a small amount payable to the town hall, but it is still better to know how much it is. We provide you with a local authority certificate that confirms the amount prior to the sale. Personal tax considerations will vary from person to person, but a non-resident seller needs to account for a government 3% retention of the declared (escritura) selling price against the future payment of capital gains tax.
  • Best Features: We will look for the best features of your home, but it is useful to draw up you own list so that nothing is missed.
  • Costa Blanca properties that won't sell. It is especially important here to pay attention to the presentation points and promote a "homely" feeling. If the neighbours are the problem then it will eventually be necessary to talk with them and get them on board with your project.
    If even this doesn't work, then it will be necessary to take the emotionally difficult step and reduce the price.